[Series: Crypto Q&A] Part 3/5: What Is Sync? Is data synchronization for crypto wallet management really difficult?  

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In today’s article, we will help you better understand the data synchronization (Sync) feature between the Extension & Wallet and the importance of this feature.

What is Sync? Why is the Sync function important?

According to PC Magazine [1], Sync is a term referring to data synchronization, namely the process of exchanging as well as synchronizing information between two data sources in chronological order. In simple terms, synchronization is the exchange and storage of information on another device through the server.

The Sync function is important because Blockchain users often have multiple accounts, own many wallets containing different coins. Someone keeps Crypto on exchanges, someone keeps in their wallet. Most users when trading will use a computer to trade and these accounts are stored on their computers. According to data from the Coin Dance site [2], up to 62.53% of crypto users use computers for transactions. However, for easier and quicker control, users also need to use the phone to view and control their accounts. So if you cannot sync your account between your PC wallet and your phone wallet, it will cause difficulties and trouble for users to use it.

For ease of visualization you can imagine as follows: For example, you have 1 set of 5 accounts on 5 different wallets that means you will have 5 Private Keys to log into these accounts. These accounts are stored on your computer. One day you want to use your phone to view your accounts or make some transactions, but if there is no sync function between your mobile account and computer, you will have to create another account on your phone. to serve your needs. So that means you must have another account on another wallet and at the same time remember to add another Private Key. Or if you do not want to create more accounts, you must import the private key file from the Extension on your computer into Wallet on Mobile. This operation is quite complicated, time-consuming, difficult to manage and keep your account.

Problems occur when you want to sync accounts on Blockchain platform?

  1. Complex manipulation, take time and effort

When using crypto wallets, users often have the need to use multiple accounts, many wallets. So when the number of accounts increases, it means that you have to sync many times each time. Manipulating synchronization through importing files from the computer to the phone is not easy and takes a lot of time.

  1. The security of the user account

Blockchain is inherently a decentralized platform and all the data to log into the account must be stored very carefully through the Private Key to ensure security. But if we want to sync accounts from phone to computer we have to use Private Key. It will be time consuming if you have to type each character in the Private Key string that is extremely long and difficult to remember, especially when our synchronization needs are continuous and often every time our account has a transaction. new or changed. You can think of copying the entire Private Key to another storage party like copying to Messenger or Note on your phone, but this will reduce security if your account is hacked and there will be a third party. know your account.

Solution for simpler data synchronization

A few companies now have a sync feature built into their apps as well. However, the synchronization feature on these applications is synchronization through the server of the application provider. That is, the user is not the only one who has access to his or her data. This also does not guarantee the security of their account

The simplest solution to this problem is an Extension application that has the Sync function between the wallet on the phone and the wallet on the computer but not through the provider’s server to make this operation simple and convenient. and more confidentiality.

Next article in seriesThis we will go to learn about the Private Key Cloud Back-up feature and the importance of this feature.

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[1] Definition of synchronization. https://www.pcmag.com/encyclopedia/term/synchronization.



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