ezDeFi Payment Gateway

Accept crypto payments in minutes with 2500+ cryptocurrencies.

How To Integrate ezDeFi Payment Gateway

Mobile App Wallet

Mobile App Wallet

Step 1


Download Plugins on ezdefi.com

Step 2


Create an account, add wallet and get API Key

Step 3


Integrate plugin into your website

Step 4


Expericence ezDeFi Gateway

0.1% Transaction Fee

Reduce your merchant fee amout to 0.1% in only 4 quick and easy steps. Imagine how much money you can save over time if you choose ezDeFi Gateway!

ezdefi gateway transaction fee

Payment without Middlemen

ezDeFi gateway is the new payment methodology that serves to eliminate the middleman completely. No hassle. You make a payment directly to your merchant.

ezDeFi gateway

Support Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Our gateway enables users to send and receive payments in multiple cryptocurrencies. We enhances the payment process by reducing the number of intermediaries involved.

ezdefi gateway

No Chargeback

No Chargeback Payment Gateway for High Risk Merchants. Quickly and easily process ecommerce payments with no risk of chargebacks. 

ezdefi gateway