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A  multi-functional browser extension , ezDeFi makes crypto payments, transfers and DeFi farming so easy. You hold your data, We hold decentralization

Why You Should Choose ezDeFi Web Extension Wallet?

Extension and Mobile Sync

ezDeFi team understands the inconvenience of having to sync data between your mobile wallet and your extension wallet in a centralized mechanism. Thus, we bring forth the solution of using clouds to authorize users to sync and manage their own data via their own clouds.You hold your data, we hold decentralization. 

ezDeFi Extension

Multi-chain wallet

Experience an unlimited number of D-apps built on different blockchains in one wallet with ezDeFi. As a multi-chain wallet, ezDeFi Wallet allows users to store different tokens of different blockchains in a single wallet. And from the concept of multi-chain for tokens, ezDeFi comes up with the idea to directly support multi-chain D-apps. One click to access only!

Cloud Key Backup

Restore private keys in your unique way!

A private key in the crypto world is similar to a password of your bank account, and is backed up by mnemonic phrases. ezDeFi has come up with a new innovation – using clouds (Google Drive, One Drive) to store mnemonic phrases. Now, users don’t have to physically write down or save their mnemonic phrases on their devices. With ezDeFi,the mnemonic keys are broken into small pieces and saved on different clouds. Users can also decide the number of pieces required in order to restore the private key without remembering the whole mnemonic phrase.

ezDeFi Extension

Multi-address Wallet

Managing your assets has been made easier with ezDeFi Wallet. If you are the type of users who  divide their assets into small amounts or have more than one address for better wallet management, then the multi-address feature of ezDeFi wallet is your solution. ezDeFi multi-address feature helps manage your token addresses for sensible financial decisions. Have an overview of your assets with ezDeFi smart display.