Before You Accept Cryptocurrency In Your Store

Since 2016, Bitcoin has gained major media coverage all over the world. Some think it’s a hoax and only facilitates shady business on the deep web, while others consider it a solution to cross-border payments. Both of the speculations have some merits rather than mere rumors. People use Bitcoin to buy pretty much anything on […]

Upcoming Trend: Cryptocurrency as Payment

Almost a decade ago, opening a new shop on the main streets in Hanoi was a big success for any up- and-coming entrepreneur. It was the token of bring business to a new height. Now, the city’s population has developed to more than 8 million, outward movements to the suburban make it rather unpleasant to […]

A Quarter of Bitcoin Merchants Improve Sales 10%

In the one survey conducted by Coindesk, it was revealed that the greater part – 59% – of vendors are accepting bitcoin to all the more likely help the bitcoin network. But the greater takeaway from this statistic is that the vital driver of bitcoin adoption isn’t its cost-slicing benefits when compared with customary financial […]

ezDeFi is More Than A Crypto Paygate

E-Commerce, which exploded with a loud burst from Amazon and Alibaba in 2014, has emerged as a common concept among the mass in recent years. Along with it, payment gateways walk into the limelight for fintech companies to further advance its convenience and security. Paypal, Stripe and Square are making millions out of this business […]

Libra Won’t Spread as Quickly as Facebook, Says Calibra Exec

Libra will take years – if not decades –  to catch on says a Calibra executive. The new stablecoin project won’t scale like social media, said Kevin Weil, vice president of product at Facebook subsidiary Calibra at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal on Tuesday. CNBC reported on his talk. “This is not going to be a thing […]

A Daily Stroll Among Crypto Wallets

The invention of cryptocurrency gives birth to another no-so-useful invention: hardware wallet. I’m not expecting to get nailed on a burning cross for this, not because I lost a few bucks for throwing away my back-up sheet. But to think about it, it might have some merits. Crypto market gets much more exciting, which advances […]