Top 3 best and safest plugins for Woocommerce Bitcoin payment

ezdefi has support on 6 platforms woocommerce, WHMCS, Opencart, Shopify, Magento, EDD

Bitcoin is a very popular cryptocurrency and it is used in many different payment gateways. In this article, we will be focusing on using Bitcoin for Woocommerce payment as well as the best plugins for Woocommerce bitcoin payment. Why should you use Bitcoin to pay on Woocommerce? Many people opt for WordPress when they want […]

Case Study: Hostletter Sold 233 Managed Servers in 3 Days​

Hostletter is a new web hosting business, but they have already reached their first milestone. It’s nothing new that a company decided to add Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies into payment during this digital transformation, but there is not enough evidence gathered to positively confirm that once you establish cryptocurrency payment, your business will move to another […]

Blockchain and the Foundation of New Payment

If you have an online retail that has integrated cryptocurrency payment in 2019, Congratulations! You are already staying ahead of the game. But blockchain tech is too complicated just to understand the general idea of how it works. I have asked many people, and they still think Bitcoin is controlled by the Chinese government (maybe […]

Before You Accept Cryptocurrency In Your Store

Since 2016, Bitcoin has gained major media coverage all over the world. Some think it’s a hoax and only facilitates shady business on the deep web, while others consider it a solution to cross-border payments. Both of the speculations have some merits rather than mere rumors. People use Bitcoin to buy pretty much anything on […]

Upcoming Trend: Cryptocurrency as Payment

Almost a decade ago, opening a new shop on the main streets in Hanoi was a big success for any up- and-coming entrepreneur. It was the token of bring business to a new height. Now, the city’s population has developed to more than 8 million, outward movements to the suburban make it rather unpleasant to […]