Partnership Announcement: EzDeFi is now supporting UTU

ezDeFi x UTU
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Meet ezDeFi newest partner: UTU – a blockchain-based protocol with a non-transferable utility token. As UTU token is now integrated with ezDeFi wallet as well as ezDeFi chrome extension and ezDeFi payment gateway, no need to worry about the “buying into” the network problem, essentially buying trust.

Download the EzDeFi chrome extension and Mobile wallets here:

ezDeFi x UTU

About ezDeFi

ezDeFi builds a multi-chain non-custodian wallet and a multi-functional extension, enabling users to make crypto savings, payments, transfers and enjoy the Defi farming at ease. There will be no more addresses messups, backup key loss, security vulnarabilities and usage complexity when using cryptocurrency wallets. Within only few easy steps to install and activate the wallet, you hold your data, we hold decentralization. It is time to own an ezDeFi wallet now to see how your hard – earned assets protected and grown day by day, by yourselves.

ezDeFi mobile wallet and ezDeFi web extension wallet allows users to store their crypto assets and interact with D-apps. ezDeFi crypto wallets proudly present 4 leading crypto wallet technology features:

  • Multi-chain interaction: Experience an unlimited number of D-apps on different blockchains
  • Multi-address layout: Manage your token addresses for sensible financial decisions
  • Cloud Backup: Save your mnemonic keys pieces on your high-secured clouds.
  • App-Extension Sync: Sync activities and manage your data via your cloud

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About UTU

UTU offers AI-powered decentralized Trust Infrastructure as a Service to serve socially powered recommendations and provide a robust feedback mechanism via API and Oracle to B2B and P2P platforms. UTU protocol layer also tokenizes trust in effort to tackle the economic incentives around better digital trust as our AI solves for a better theory and mechanism to deliver that trust.

UTU’s core innovations are in the fields of trust as a service, utilizing distributed AI and machine learning, to build individualized, contextually aware models of human trust. UTU serves up this intelligence as Trust Infrastructure as a Service (TIaaS) to mobile/online platforms and marketplaces around the world whose users face any type of risk in their transactions – emotional risk, financial risk, business risk, or personal/physical risk.

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