Welcome on Board: SpiderDAO – a decentralised autonomous organisation that brings online privacy to the end-user

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Welcome on Board: SpiderDAO – a decentralised autonomous organisation that brings online privacy to the end-user. As SpiderDAO is now officially integrated to ezDeFi and $SPDR is added to ezDeFi wallet, as well as ezDeFi chrome extension and ezDeFi payment gateway, ezDeFi users now can spend and store their crypto online, processes transactions for online merchants…

Download the EzDeFi chrome extension and Mobile wallets here:


About ezDeFi

ezDeFi builds a multi-chain non-custodial wallet and a multi-functional extension, enabling users to make crypto savings, payments, transfers, and enjoy the Defi farming at ease. There will be no more addresses mess-ups, backup key loss, security vulnerabilities, and usage complexity when using cryptocurrency wallets. Within only a few easy steps to install and activate the wallet, you hold your data, we hold decentralization. It is time to own an ezDeFi wallet now to see how your hard-earned assets protected and grown day by day, by yourselves.

ezDeFi has received SerumDex Grants and become one of the first 7 wallets which supports Binance Smart Chain access together with Math Wallet, Metamask..

ezDeFi mobile wallet and ezDeFi web extension wallet allows users to store their crypto assets and interact with D-apps. ezDeFi crypto wallets proudly present 4 leading crypto wallet technology features:

  • Multi-chain interaction: Experience an unlimited number of D-apps on different blockchains
  • Multi-address layout: Manage your token addresses for sensible financial decisions
  • Cloud Backup: Save your mnemonic keys pieces on your high-secured clouds.
  • App-Extension Sync: Sync activities and manage your data via your cloud

Find out more about ezDeFi

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ezDeFi

Meet our new Partner: SpiderDAO

SpiderDAO innovates the DAO concept by introducing a dual-governance model which bundles together hardware and software tools with on-chain elements, providing a “whale-resistant” governance solution.

SPDR token is the cornerstone of the SpiderDAO ecosystem, designed to capture value creation within the network and enabling the development of a fair, robust and self-sustaining ecosystem

SpiderDAO Ecosystem

The SpiderDAO ecosystem brings together several other components to provide the

building blocks for growing and sustaining a dynamic ecosystem. These will include:

  • SpiderDAO is the first hardware-governed DAO with a self-maintaining and

self-improving robust Hardware/Software Governance control mechanism.

  • SpiderConnect Routers offer multiple roles as a high-speed VPN tunnel, a

DAO voting ticket, and a node in a fully autonomous decentralised VPN.

  • SpiderVPN is a Virtual Private Network interlinking all the elements of the

DAO & offering a complimentary dVPN service for qualifying users.

  • SpiderToken (SPDR) – various use cases including; Eligibility for voting rights

as a SpiderDAO participant, Liquidity Mining and Liquidity as Utility (LAU) and

a substitute payment for SpiderVPN services.

  • SpiderMarket will be an easy way to Sell & buy Bandwidth for SPDR rewards

based on the Rules in the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

  • SpiderVault which will be created to accumulate 2% of Crypto proceeds

generated by services utilizing the SpiderDAO which can be redistributed for

future propositions.

  • SpiderDashboard will provide an end-users access point to the features of

the SpiderDAO.

Know more about SpiderDAO: https://twitter.com/spiderdao


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