A Successful Story of Web Hosting Provider

A case study of HostLetter – a web hosting business that achieved major success by practicing 4Ps and adopting EzDefi payment gateway.

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HostLetter Makes All the Difference


99% reduction in transaction fee


233 hosting servers sold in 3 days


1,200+ developers


100+ countries all around the world

"The partnership with EzDeFi Gateway was the last piece of the puzzle to HostLetter's success ” – Mr. Wilson, Hostletter’s CEO

The Dream Team

HostLetter partnered up with EzDefi, an alternative payment gateway that is unique from traditional gateway like Visa, MasterCard and Paypal. Features such as easy installation, faster transaction and fee reduction help HostLetter increase their productivity, attract more customers and achieve their goals much faster.

A Leading Payment Gateway

EzDefi is a cost-effective payment solution that makes managing transactions for your online business much easier.


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