Game show: ezDeFi x NEM collaboration mini-game

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Enjoy ezDeFi x NEM minigame and get yourself up to 200$ of $USDT from ezDeFi and NEM!

Join us now at:

What’s the prize?

Total amount in reward pool from ezDeFi and NEM

  • 100$ in total of $USDT from NEM.
  • 100$ in total of $USDT from ezDeFi.

How can I join ezDeFi x NEM collaboration mini-game?

Easily follow those steps:

    1. Download ezDeFi wallet (IOS/Android/extension)
    2. Follow @ezDeFi and @NEM on twitter
    3. Like the event post on twitter
    4. Retweet the event post and comment $USDT address QRcode from EzDeFi

When is ezDeFi x NEM collaboration mini-game end?

Date of event:​ January 1st, 0:00 UTC+7 – January 3th – 23:59 UTC+7

Where can I join this mini-game? ​

This mini-game is held on Twitter

When can I know the winner of ezDeFi x NEM collaboration mini-game?

  • January 4th:​ Winners will be chosen, admins will check winners’ tasks and prepare for awards.
  • January 4th at 23:59 UTC+7:​ Announce the winners on Twitter & start the award process.

Award process and criteria:

  • Winners will be announced 24 hours after the mini game has ended
  • 10 users with the most likes/retweets on their comments will be chosen as winners, and the total prize will be distributed evenly to all winners ($20 of $USDT for each winner).
  • 5 winners will be chosen on @NEM event post on Twitter and 5 winners will bechosen on @ezDeFi event post on Twitter.
  • If a user has the most likes/retweets comments on both @ezDeFi and @NEM twitter,he/she will receive only 1 reward.
  • Admins will check and make sure that winners meet the criterias listed in the rules
  • If the player violated any rules or caught cheating, admins have a right to eliminate their prizes without any negotiations

Download ezDeFi wallet at:

Follow us on Twitter:

Follow NEM on Twitter:


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