How to participate in ezDeFi bounty program (March 2021)

This is a tutorial on how to participate in the ezDeFi Bounty program on telegram.


Step 1: Find ezDeFi bot on the telegram Search bar and start the conversation.


Step 2: Register your ezDeFi bot wallet address to receive reward by command /register. It is required that your telegram account has an username to create a new wallet.


Step 3: After registering your wallet address, type command /mate to sign up for the Bounty program.


Step 4: Choose ezDeFi bounty


Step 5: Agree with the terms and conditions of the Bounty program to continue



Step 6: You need to join the following group to continue



Step 7: Join the following channel to continue


Step 8: Download ezDeFi wallet by choosing ezDeFi to continue.


Step 9: After choosing ezDeFi, you shall be directed to a link. Download the ezDeFi app via the link if you have not downloaded the wallet; or simply opening the app via the link to continue if you have already downloaded.


Step 10: After using the direct link from ezDeFi bot, the wallet app shall be opened with a notification on using your device ID to verify the Bounty. Agree to continue.


Step 11: After successful verification, go back to chat with ezDeFi bot



Step 12: Choose Check download for bot to verify your download and move to the next step



Step 13: Enter the username of your referrer to continue. Please note that this is a compulsory step to receive the bounty reward


Step 14: Go to @ezdefiglobal group and interact. By responding and interacting with other members, you get 1 interaction  point. You can get 1 point every 24h. To claim the bounty, you’ll need a total of 5 points.

Step 15: You can command /check_mate to check your interaction point and status


Step 16: After /Check-mate , choose the ezDeFi bounty to continue



Step 17: After selecting the bounty, all your points and status shall be shown in the chat. Command /claim_mate once you have gathered 5 points to claim the bounty.


Step 18: Obtain your reward

When participants invite their friends to join the bounty, they’ll receive one ref for each successful registration. Each party will receive 10 ZDCash if they complete their level*.


There are ten ref levels maximum. To complete one level, every participant must be referred by five people**. Therefore, a total of 45 ref is required to reach level 10 and claim the aggregated 100 ZDCash.


Here is an example: A ref B, B ref C, C ref D. When D receives 10 ZDCash (i.e, when D enters the username of C):

→ C will also receive 10 ZDCash if C is referred by 5 people (including D)

→ B will also receive 10 ZDCash if B is referred by 10 people (including C and D)

→ A will also receive 10 ZDCash if A is referred by 15 people (including B, C and D) 

D is ref level 1, B is 2, C is 3, and A is 4.


* Level 1 is automatically completed when the participant enters the username of their referrer.

**It is acceptable when ref overlaps along the chain.


Please note that: 

– ezDeFi reserves the right to cancel or amend any activity or activity rules at our sole discretion.

– All violations such as spam, cheating will cause your rewards to be revoked.

– All the rewards will be paid in ZDcash


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