Welcome on board! DAO Maker – An Unbiased Global Financial System

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Meet our new partner: DAO Maker – An Unbiased Global Financial System. DAO Maker is an incubator that leverages the power of Social Mining and omnipresent exposure to help projects acquire a community, and then uses the project’s token to convert the community into value-adding and value-assessing members of a DAO. As $DAO is officially on the list of ezDeFi, users can enjoy storing, exchanging, and investing $DAO with help from ezDeFi wallet.

Download the EzDeFi chrome extension and Mobile wallets here: https://ezdefi.com/

About ezDeFi

ezDeFi builds a multi-chain non-custodial wallet and a multi-functional extension, enabling users to make crypto savings, payments, transfers, and enjoy Defi farming at ease. There will be no more addresses mess-ups, backup key loss, security vulnerabilities, and usage complexity when using cryptocurrency wallets. With only a few easy steps to install and activate the wallet, you hold your data, we hold decentralization. It is time to own an ezDeFi wallet now to see how your hard-earned assets are protected and grown day by day, by yourselves.

ezDeFi mobile wallet and ezDeFi web extension wallet allows users to store their crypto assets and interact with D-apps. ezDeFi crypto wallets proudly present 4 leading crypto wallet technology features:

  • Multi-chain interaction: Experience an unlimited number of D-apps on different blockchains
  • Multi-address layout: Manage your token addresses for sensible financial decisions
  • Cloud Backup: Save your mnemonic keys pieces on your high-secured cloud
  • App-Extension Sync: Sync activities and manage your data via your cloud

Find out more about ezDeFi

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ezDeFi

About DAO Maker

DAO Maker is building the go-to platform for retail venture investing in equity and tokens. Providing low-risk participation frameworks is essential to reach global retail in venture capital, as most retail investors cannot afford to risk large portions of their money. By providing an opportunity to everyday people to safely grow their own capital, we aim to improve the quality of millions of lives while simultaneously enabling a new funding source to innovation worldwide.

Over the past 2 years, DAO Maker has grown one of the largest ecosystems of quality retail investors; in just 2020, our platform has signed on more than 75,000 retail users interested in early-stage ventures. At the same time, we have been building a suite of services to attract high-quality startups to join the ecosystem and be accelerated in a decentralized, safe, and autonomous environment. Some of the industry’s most notable developments currently use the technology solutions provided within our startup growth toolkit. To date, the demand for the products has well exceeded our ability to manage onboarding flow, which is why we are currently working on permissionless, self-managed versions of our technology products.

DAO Maker is on track to change the way personal finance works by breaking its boundaries. While retail or household portfolios have made record participation into the equity market, encouraged by a global desire for individuals to seek financial independence by putting their money to work, retail involvement in venture funding is bleak.

DAO Maker is a company that has successfully operated in the funding, tech consulting, and product strategy segments of the cryptocurrency market for over two years. DAO Maker benefits from the existing base of over 100,000 cryptocurrency investors signed up to our current platform. This massive base of cryptocurrency holders, who are also interested in venture capital, is a powerful go-to-market.

With DAO Maker, you can enjoy limited downside but uncapped upside to token and equity investments through a single fiat-enabled, compliant platform.

Meet DAO Maker

Website: https://daomaker.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thedaomaker


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