Hostletter is a new web hosting business, but they have already reached their first milestone.
It’s nothing new that a company decided to add Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies into payment during this digital transformation, but there is not enough evidence gathered to positively confirm that once you establish cryptocurrency payment, your business will move to another level. However, it sure brings a positive change to many businesses. They found new customers, lowered the transaction fees, and subsequently, increased their revenue.

Hostletter, a managed wordpress cloud seller, is an example of such a company, and they have proven that, with the right strategy, cryptocurrency payment could be a heavy-weight contestant in payment. This case study will explore the steps that Hostletter made to achieve that milestone with an up-and-coming crypto payment gateway, EzDeFi.

Finding the Right Community

Because of its decentralized nature, the cryptocurrency community is divided into many communities, and each of them acts as an endorsement, technical support or discussion forum for both the developers of such cryptocurrency and the users. Knowing this, the marketing team of Hostletter had contacted POC Foundation, an affiliated marketing solution using crypto -currency to reward the members. Both parties soon formed a partnership that would allow hosting buyers to pay with POC.

POC’s Facebook group

   Inherently, by making the most of their affiliations, the members of POC Foundation need to buy hosting servers to establish their websites and attract more members, so Hostletter already secured a handful of new customers and in exchange, POC members got discount for buying on Hostletter.

Adding Crypto Payment Gateway

Contrary to popular belief, cryptocurrency payment gateway is relatively easy to install on any online businesses. It is a fine addition to existing payment methods like Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard. In Hostletter’s case, EzDeFi Gateway was picked as the candidate to implement their campaign.

EzDeFi doesn’t charge a setup fee and is simple to integrate into Hostletter’s payment page. Hostletter and POC Foundation then worked together with EzDeFi to add POC on EzDeFi Wallet and EzDeFi Gateway. Apart from POC, EzDeFi gives both Hostletter and its customers the option to pay with Bitcoin and more than 2000 other cryptocurrencies.

In addition to the deal between the companies, EzDeFi also gave Hostletter an exclusive deal of 3 month free of gateway fees and free listing for POC Foundation on EzDeFi Wallet and Gateway.

EzDeFi is the Gateway on demand by Hostletter’s customers

“The partnership with POC Foundation and EzDeFi Gateway was a major success in the first step of expanding Hostletter to the cryptocurrency community.” – Mr. Wilson, Hostletter’s CMO.

What web hosting business can apply

The Hostletter’s launching campaign has achieved an important milestone for any small businesses, sufficiently sold your product and got your product name out in the market by making strategic partnership with the right company. In the web hosting market, there are too many companies are using the same strategy to approach their customers, so what can you do to distinguish yourself from the competitors?

We have conducted an analysis on the 4P Marketing Model for you to develop your customer base: Where to find customers, Building the product recognition, pricing and Sales Policy. In there, cryptocurrency is the key solution for new business and corporations by making transactions frictionless and transparent, while reducing the fees to minimal regardless of geolocation. The analysis will help you gain insights to a new market, and promote your business to a new level.

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