[Series: Crypto Q&A] Part 5/5: Introduction to ezDeFi

What is ezDeFi? EzDeFi is a company that provides payment solutions using blockchain technology. The current EzDeFi ecosystem has built public blockchain, payment gateway for cryptocurrencies, e-wallets, e-commerce sites, extensions on web browsers. In particular, the payment gateway EzDeFi, “EzDeFi Crypto Payment gateway” currently supports 7 major e-commerce systems, typically WHMCS, WooCommerce, and OpenCart. EzDeFi […]

[Series: Crypto Q&A] Part 4/5: What is a Private Key? Why is Cloud Back-up important?

In the last article, we have learned about the synchronization between Extensions and Wallet (Wallet). Today’s article we will help you better understand the Private Key Cloud Back-up feature and the importance of this feature. What is a Private Key? Why use Private Key? Non-custodial wallets are a special feature that only exists on cryptocurrencies. […]

[Series: Crypto Q&A] Part 2/5: Multi-address

In part I of our series Crypto Q&A, we analyzed the Multi-chain feature to emphasize that it is an essential feature of a crypto wallet: being able to integrate coins/tokens and Dapps of multiple blockchains. However, integrating multiple coins (on multiple chains) into the same wallet application raises major concerns, and technical problems at users […]

[Series: Crypto Q&A] Part 1/5: Multi Chain


Blockchain and cryptocurrency are among the leading technologies in the world. Once users in the crypto community discover more and more applications from blockchain, widely applicable, the need to use and reserve cryptocurrencies (cryptocurrency) – an inevitable reward for maintaining decentralization for blockchain becomes increasingly high. Over the years, many cryptocurrency wallet applications have emerged, […]

Top 5 Binance Smart Chain Coins by Market Capitalization

Binance Smart Chain was launched in September 2020, as a parallel chain to the original Binance Chain. While keeping the many strengths of the original Binance Chain, Binance Smart Chain is more advanced in terms of allowing the deployment of smart contracts. This creates a playground for many DeFi Dapps. The tokens from these projects […]