AMA Announcement: ezDeFi x SpiderDAO

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To celebrate the partnership between ezDeFi and SpiderDao, the ezDeFi team is very excited to announce that we are hosting our very first AMA with the SpiderDao team. SpiderDao is a decentralized autonomous organization that brings online privacy to the end-users. 

ezDeFi x SpiderDAO AMA will be hosted on ezDeFi’s Telegram group on January 28th, 13:00 UTC. Our guest speakers, Nathan Varty – CEO, and Žiga Flis – Co-Founder will be introducing SpiderDAO and answering questions from the audience.

Receive rewards worth up to $200 in USDT by submitting pre-AMA questions, asking live questions, and answering quiz questions at the end of the AMA. 


Event details:

1. Pre-AMA question collection


2. ezDeFi x SpiderDAO AMA details


3. AMA Agenda:

  • Introduction and Q&A: Guest speakers answer pre-AMA questions
  • Live question: Guest speakers answer live questions from the audience
  • Quiz: Answers quiz questions and earn rewards


4. Airdrops: $200 in total

  • AMA question bounty: 5 best questions receive $15 each 
  • Live question: 5 best questions receive $15 each
  • Quiz: 5 questions, $10 for each question


Meet Our Guest Speakers:


Nathan Varty – CEO of SpiderDAO

“Nathan is an experienced entrepreneur specialized in IoT development and operations, Skilled in management of onsite and remote IT Help Desk Administrators and Developers. He has been successfully overseeing SpiderVPN since 2017. He also managed the full oversight of multiple projects from start-up to completion.”


Žiga Flis – Co-Founder of SpiderDAO

“Before joining SpiderDAO, Žiga was the Chief Technology Officer at RiveX, where he contributed to the development of various blockchain solutions. He is experienced in on and off-chain tech and has a passion for developing decentralized solutions.”

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