Experience ezDeFi for Cryptocurrency
A multi-chain non-custodial wallet a multi-functional browser extension and a payment gateway, ezDeFi makes crypto payments, transfers and DeFi farming so easy. You hold your data, We hold decentralization
Your All-in-One Wallet
Manage your token addresses and Experience an unlimited number of D-apps built on different blockchains in one mobile - web wallet
ezDeFi Payment Gateway for High Risk Merchants
Quickly and Easily process eCommerce payments with no risk of chargebacks

ezDeFi Extension

ezDeFi web extension wallet allows users to store their crypto assets and interact with D-apps

ezDeFi app wallet

ezDeFi Wallet

The first crypto wallet to deliver a seamless user experience like an e-Wallet.

Even Better!

ezDeFi Payment Gateway

Accept crypto payments in minutes with 2500+ cryptocurrencies